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Welcome to CardioPulmonary Diagnostic, LLC

The leading provider for “A Gift from Captain Buscio” Program for New Jersey First Responders.

CardioPulmonary Diagnostic is dedicated to providing our community with the most comprehensive care and treatment of conditions of the respiratory tract and lungs. Our Captain Buscio Program is rendered by board-certified pulmonologists and cardiologists who deliver highly qualified specialty care for diseases of the chest including heart disease, chest pain, asthma, cardiac obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), environmentally-triggered lung diseases, pneumonia and bronchitis, lung cancer,  sleep apnea and sleep related disorders, shortness of breath, excessive cough, and many other conditions related to the heart and lungs.

At CardioPulmonary Diagnostic, our goal is to focus on personalized treatment plans tailored to meet the needs of the New Jersey Public Servants and their families.  We understand that many conditions of the lungs and heart are debilitating to our patients and thus, need prompt, efficient, and appropriate medical care. Our medical team is highly qualified to provide the care you need.  Our physicians are board-certified in pulmonary care, geriatric, cardiology, critical care, and emergency medicine with many years of medical practice and a vast experience in community and academic leadership.

With our state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures, coupled with our friendly staff and comfortable environment, we ensure that you will receive premier medical care in a timely, efficient, and compassionate manner.

Visit us at our Newark office located in the north cargo area of the Newark Liberty  International Airport at
340 Airis Drive, Suite 203, Newark, NJ 07114


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