Medical Laboratory


Blood Work

Medical Laboratory includes Blood work, which is one the most common diagnostic procedures. Blood samples help your physician to evaluate how well your organs are working. It is also used to confirm whether your current treatment is working as expected. Many blood tests don’t require any special preparations. For some, you may need to fast (not eat any food) for 8 to 12 hours before the test. Your doctor will let you know how to prepare for blood tests.

The procedure is quick and easy but usually causes some short-term discomfort.

Complete Labs

    • A complete blood count (CBC)
    • Blood chemistry test/Basic metabolic panel
    • Blood enzyme test
    • Blood clotting test
    • Blood tests to assess heart disease risk

Urine is a very common method of medical diagnosis.  A urinalysis, also known as routine and microscopy (R&M), is an array of tests performed on urine which  provides information about the physical, chemical, and microscopic aspects of the urine.

A clean catch urine or a 24-hour urine collection may be performed depending on your case.

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